Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Art/Painting: 'NORTH STAR' by Alphonse Mucha 1899


This river
As deep as it has been
The devilish current lurking rampantly to swallow the youth
Yet the soul has to win
The swim to survive
Away from the pig’s bay
To the muted rose
Which the uttered sounds beautifully
Calms the inglorious heroes
A chime of sadness
Throughout the century embarks the birth of the eccentric
In a certain miles shall it fade
So true to the lover
Who finds eternity
In bounded and unblessed
By the rules and favors
Show me towards not the city
Where the children wake up to the cry of slavery
Nor the tarnished holy altar
Where god has been misrepresented to sustain sovereignty
In silence of the woods and the absence of light
I shall part myself to object regularity
And in length of sorrow
Alongside of the winter halo
I shall shine like the ever burning Northern Star

-catatan John si ‘orang gila’-
-2029 Okt 16, 2011, wilayah separa sedar-

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