Thursday, June 30, 2011



I wake up
Dreadful, doubtful n puzzled
Every morning, every tomorrow’s early sun
Fear that the world might lose its equilibrium
As this poem is written
The world dangling justly
Delicately attached to my pubic hair
One by one it turns grey
Solidifying the fact [that] our lives are cheap
We unconsciously vainglorious with ourselves
While the real issue been ignored
To whom was the shot fired for?
To which texture will the projectiles go through?
And for what better purpose the casualties are a proviso?

I will join thee
Hands in hands
Marching along the insurgence bank as rivals
Or even better as quasi-clowns
We make a silly joke out of it
In subtle, unintelligible subtle
Oath spoken and meant to be broken
In whichever connotation, that favors the timid hearts
This world has fallen crazy, men against men and the universe is revolting against its constituents
Swallow thee spirit my good brothers
For tomorrow shall be naught
No salvation
Save a dark total destruction…

-catatan John si orang gila-
-1823 jun 10, 2011, wilayah separa sedar-

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